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About Kodaikanal

A traveler cannot escape the enchanting spell of Kodaikanal’s mystique and charm. The fact that it offers variety for every kind of traveler adds to its magic. Often popularly referred to as “the princess of hill stations”, it has remained one of the most popular tourist destinations in India for a long time.
The establishment itself was set up in the 1845, as a summer-time town by the British, as a retreat from high temperatures and tropical diseases in the plains. The salubrious climate, the awe inspiring landscape, the enchanting green hills, dense forests and cascading streams have truly made Kodaikanal a very attractive place that keeps you coming back for more.
One of the interpretations of the town’s name in Tamil means “Gift of the Forest”, which fits it in many ways than one. Whether you are traveling for leisure, or looking for a quiet getaway, or in the mood for an enthralling adventure, Kodaikanal has much to offer. The chances of coming back again much stronger!

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Located 5 kms from the city centre on Perumpallam Road, off Naidupuram.

Quiet neighborhood.

The property has one eight bed dorm, and three four bed dorms, all with attached bathrooms.

Study room and workstation space.

Common Area Lawn with Bonfire on request.

Lot of local indulgences to plan from hostel, including Trekking.

Ambience and décor that reflects the beauty of the Tamil ethos and culture.

Indulge in a calm, serene environment. Engage in lots of things to do. Connect with new friends.

Dorms named after the various landscapes of the Tamil land mentioned in Sangam Literature.